Telluride, Colorado

Few places are as cool as Telluride.  Growing up in Colorado, I remember liking Telluride before liking Telluride was cool!  This town is like no other with a mix of the Old West, Old Mining, Old Ranching, Old Money and New Money (and lots of it) all in one quaint little spot.  We recommend you stay in town, versus up at the resort.  The people in this town are more welcoming than most and you will not be disappointed.  There are so many restaurants and bars and if you go at a not-so-busy time, you can’t help but get to know the locals (and they are great)!  In the summer, just over the $WD pass for the NOT faint at heart is Ouray.  In the Winter, well, there is the ski resort, which is pretty amazing.  The town sits on the edge of the San Juan mountains and is simply one of the prettiest and coolest places you will ever be!


Old Mining town that is now one of the premier ski towns in the world!

Why Go?

Amazing Views

Unique Town

Great People

Amazing Food and Drink

Great Snow

Great Jazz

on and on

Live Preview

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